Snapshot from the Archives

the following dated entries are taken from the old minute books and demonstrate the changing demands of running East Devon Hockey Club since 1936.

July 10th 1936  to Acquire the hockey pitch on the Polo ground previously rented by ISCA Club for £12 a year.

To accept Mr Martins charge for rolling the ground at 7/6 each roll.

To accept Mr Halfords charge of 6/- per match, to include marking out the pitch, whitening and lemons

To continue the use of The Countess Wear Hotel as Club Headquarters and to accept Mrs Eagar’s charge of 1/3 for tea and bath.

Oct 26th 1936 To change colour of shorts to blue

Aug 13 1937 The Hon Treasurer reported that several members had not yet paid their subscriptions for last season

Sept 2nd 1937 The annual sub for playing members to rise to £1 6sh 0d if paid before Nov. 30th £1 1sh 0d

Oct 23rd 1937 It was decided to hold a dance at the Pavilion Exmouth on Thursday Dec 9th. Price of admission 2/6

AGM Notes April 1938

Membership: Predicting 21 future members for the forthcoming season

Ground: In contrast to last season the weather had been abnormally dry, consequently little rolling could be done, and the gradual improvement of the ground surface had not been maintained.  Your Committee have complained to Mr Martin that the hoof marks of the horse drawing a roller left a very bad impression on the ground, and he has promised to look into this, and if necessary provide special shoe guards for the horse.

Sat 21st Jan 1939 The secretary reported that the dance sub-committee had booked Dellars Cafe for Friday March 10th Time 9 –1am The Elisans Band had been booked the hire of the hall was £14  14sh  0(including spotlight) the band £6    6   0

8th AGM Notes May 13th 1939 The Hon Treasurer presented his accounts showing a balance in hand of  £22.

31st Aug 1939 Last committee meeting of war years

9th AGM Notes April 9th 1946

The Chairman reported that the clubs finances were sound, there being a balance of £22

18th Dec 1946 Supply of hot water at the ground and payment of grounds man. The Secretary’s undertaking to the Gas Company that the club would pay its share of expenses and the payment of 6/- per match to the grounds man were confirmed

The secretary was instructed to write to Exeter City Council with reference to the rental of No 1 pitch and to ask for the removal of the tree at the top end.

30th July 1947 It was proposed by Saunders and seconded by Woodman, that the Club hire a 20 seater charabanc from Messer’s Greenslade for the Match with Torbay and South Devon on January 31st 1948 and go by train to Plympton and Plymouth

11th AGM Notes April 5th 1948 The treasurer reported a balance in hand of £4   2   4 

12th AGM notes Wed April 20th 1949 The Treasurer reported a balance of £14 7  9

2nd May 1949 F Gifford said he would try and get a heavy roller for the ground,  Gifford and Woodman would get some corner posts and Joyce volunteered to ask his wife if she could make some flags

It was agreed that the secretary would write to the following clubs for fixtures for season 1950/1951:Bath, Sherbourne School, Weston-Super-Mare and the Cornish Wanderers

13th AGM notes Thur April 20th 1950

The secretary received a letter from the Topsham Ladies Club asking to share the ground at Countess Wear which was turned down

22nd May 1950 After some discussion, during which it appeared the Secretary had not the confidence of the Committee, it was proposed by member Joyce, seconded by member Campbell and subsequently resolved that the resignation of Member Hibberd be requested.   This having been done by The Chairman, and the Secretary having resigned, it was resolved to call and Extraordinary General Meeting.

Extra 7 Sept 1950

It was suggested that all members equip themselves with a club tie, it being stated that the official outfitters(Cornish) had complained that they had obtained a supply of club ties at the clubs wish and that up to now, very few members had purchased any.

25 Sept 1950 Three new members elected.  Mr Joyce asked if the question of limiting the number of members would be necessary.  This was discussed and the Chairman ruled that as there was no question of overcrowding as yet  the matter would have to be carefully watched.

Club Personal Accident. The secretary informed the Committee of the Clubs Insurance Cover: Death Benefit £250,Permanent total disablement £125,Temporary total disablement £2 10sh per week.   At a cost of £3   8sh   9p

31st Oct 1950 Regarding ground maintenance the Secretary reported on a conversation he had had with the Parks Superintendant.  The gist being that the council had the requisite equipment to give the ground the extra attention it required, but they would use it when they thought fit it was stressed that if we were too pressing with them regarding the matter the rental would be substantially increased.

Election of New playing Members Exeter School boy allowed to join subject to school authorities being agreeable

New playing members caused an argument that at present there were more playing members than could comfortably be accommodated  and as such it would be difficult to increase membership and give players value for their subscriptions.  Mr Macklin suggested that perhaps two games could be played on one afternoon, by so doing perhaps  3 players would play in both games but all members would receive a game.  This was rejected as impractactible and the only alternative was to run 2 elevens

Members paid £2 subscription  but non elected players 2/6 a match

Agreed that non elected players would not be asked to play if elected members were available.

Mr Larcombe raised that some members seldom volunteered to pay their share of running costs on away trips and proposed that a flat rate of 2/6 per member be charged per trip irrespective of distance, that the Captain of the day collect the fare and distribute them to the drivers proportionately.

23 Jan 1951 Letter received from Head Master of Exeter School refusing permission for any member of his school to be elected to join East Devon.

Discussion of the Torbay Festival and agreement of the name of “Old Gobblers” for the festival.

Problems with Bristol United Banks not being able to make a fixture because the train times and mid season bully off made it impossible for them to arrive.

14 AGM 9th May 1951 Accounts stood at £27

The team secretary Mr Macklin thanked for his service in painting the hockey balls

Membership 18 so new recruits not elected members paid 2/6

Team Records: There has been no record to boast about and this can be classed as a very average season.  The reason, no doubt is that the same team could not be turned out twice running to get used to each other’s play, nevertheless the standard all round can be improved.  The defence needs to mark their men consistently, and also to cover up and the forwards must play together, there is a marked tendency to hold the ball too long and regrettable hesitance in following up in the opponents goal.

Umpires: It is appoint which should be borne in mind by players that it is a very difficult task to umpire a game of hockey and that those that undertake the task are only blessed with the same number of eyes as ourselves and that they can neither see through our bodies nor round corners.  We should therefore, reserve our crictisms and expressions of disgust at what we think is an unfair penalisation.

On Transport Costs: Nevertheless whether the driver is a man of means it is still a matter of principal that the players should pay for their amusement and not expect a philanthropic colleague to foot the bill.

The club goes forward running two or more teams or very quickly reverts to chaos.  The right type of new member is essential  E Toogood


21 Aug 1951 12 made to order club shirts at a cost of 10 guineas purchased from the NAAFI through the Club President Lt Cmdr Burden.  Concern that the Old Gobblers might be a tail would wag the dog.  Therefore not a separate touring side but a non de plume for the Club Touring side.

President to arrange for a room and projector to show a film on “Tactics in Hockey”

Extra 29 Oct 1951 Mr Larcombe raised the question of socks stating that it is far easier to find your own man by his socks.  After a discussion as to what was available the proposition that Bright Yellow Socks should be worn was seconded with the rider that existing club socks could be worn and carried.

Mr Larcombe spoke of increasing membership or facing bankruptcy.

17 March 1952 Impracticable to obtain shirts so matter dropped. Mr Woodman commented on the untidy turnout of the club owing to the fact that every member did not have a shirt and proposed that the club colour be changed to plain yellow.  That each member purchase a plain yellow shirt and then have then died in bulk.

Nets from Old Drake one and disbanded club purchased at a cost of £7   10

A suggested Ladies night was rejected as the popularity of such an event was doubtful.

Decided to complete away fixtures for a second XI for the 1952/1953 season

15 AGM 8th May 1952 Agreed that the club colours change to plain yellow socks and shirts because of the impracticability of getting yellow and grey shirts made up.

Change of tea venue agreed from the Countess Wear House Hotel to the Countess Wear Hotel  and subscriptions raised for playing members from £2 to £2   10 – to cover the increase.

13th June 1952 Stockists of club shirts found in yellow and grey at 18sh 3d. John Grundy Montpieller School Paignton elected as playing member

24th Oct 1952 Committee very concerned about club finances.

A Mr Joyce “then very magnanimously volunteered to give a bottle of sherry to be raffled at the dance to help swell funds”  The hockey balls were in a bad state but after careful examination it was decided they could be made to do for this season in view of the financial state.  Committee asked if they could raise enter a second side to the Paignton festival the “Ducklings”

11th Dec 1952 Discussion on whether a fixture should be continued with Exeter Hockey Club in view of the frayed temper and general feeling of dissatisfaction after the clubs last game with them.  A frank discussion followed and eventually it was decided to continue fixtures with them and avoid the possibility of any unwanted friction

28th April 1953 Suggested that playing members under 25 pay a reduced subscription of £2 from £2  10 for the over 25’s

First suggestion of Blue and Yellow halved shirts

Council asked to provide wire netting on the bottom of the surrounding fence to prevent the balls going into the road

16AGM 19th May 1953 Profit on the year of £1 – 1- 11d. Sunday hockey proposed under the auspices of “Old Gobblers” Secretary’s Report “most successful season since reforming after the War” with membership at 35 with evidence of more fighting spirit on the field for proof that we have played a better class of Hockey just refer to the playing record.

The “A” team played 37 won 17 Drew 6 and lost 14 93 goals for 83 against

The “B” team played 20 won 9  Drew 6 and lost 5  70 goals for 45 against

14th Aug 1953 Proposal that as from 1954 season the A and B teams should become 1st and 2nd XIs

17th AGM 18th June 1954 Only President and 5 members present not quorate

Continued 10 Sept 1954

23rd Sept 1954 The question of the Annual Dinner was then brought up and proposed by Mr Grundy that possibly ladies should be invited to this event.  It was decided however that the presence of female company at the Dinner might dampen the enthusiasm of some of the younger members and that ladies should not be invited.

Mr Beardon said that he had been approached by the goal keeper on the subject of a club box.  It was agreed that something should be done about this and Mr Whiteway stated that he had a box which he would be very pleased to present to the club.  This offer was gratefully accepted and the thanks of the club were extended to Mr Whiteway.

First discussion of a first aid kit to be put together.

Club at 27 playing members.

22nd March 1955 Mr Redman stated that Mr Grundy Snr had intimated that he would like to make some sort of presentation to the club for all the kindness that members had shown to his son John while he was in hospital.

18 AGM May 13th 1955 End of year balance of £13    15   5d

19AGM May 15th 1956 Grundy Fund It was decided that a cup should be purchased with part of this fund to be presented annually to the outstanding member of the Club for all round performance both on and off the field.  The member to be chosen by the team selection committee with the addition of the President of the Club.

26th July 1956 Concern of the loss of the Clubs nets by fire at the Plymouth after use by the Paignton Hockey Festival during Easter 1956.  It was agreed nets must be purchased immediately.

Still calling A and B teams.

9th August 1956 It was proposed  that a Grecian Style cup 4” diameter be purchased and engraved and fitted with a silver band at the base for notations by Messer’s Brufords of Exeter.  The notation to read East Devon Hockey Cup The Grundy Cup Member of the Year.

Mr G Tolcher was elected as a playing member.

16th Feb 1957 Concern over the Countess Wear pitch suggestion that a joint approach with Exeter HC and Hornets be made to ECC to pay a reduced rental and roll the pitch ourselves.

28th May 1957 Concern over club kit and shirts.  A member volunteers to bring his own spare shirt as standby to games for players not properly attired.

20th AGM 14 June 1957 Grundy Cup to be agreed at AGM. Discussion on using police ground at Middlemoor because of poor state of Countess Wear.

26Th March 1958 The prospect of an approach by ISCA HC to amalgamate was discussed at length and the attitude of the Club in such an event be put to ISCa by a delegation to be decided upon who would report to the AGM for a decision. It was proposed and carried that the delegation would advise ISCA meantime that EDHC will be pleased to welcome ISCA members but that the identity of EDHC must be retained that is that the ex players fron ISCA would become members of EDHC.

29 July 1958 Reported that ISCA hockey Club had opted to continue.

21st AGM Sat 6th Sept 1958  Treasurer shows concern that he handles over £100 and the accounts are not audited

29 Sept 1958 Discussion on Sunday Games.  Devon hockey had no objection to Sunday games as long as they were not part of a fixture program.  The club committee decided that the Club name not to be used for Sunday games.

9th Feb 1959 Discussion on club spirit at a low ebb.  Selection committee could help by allowing B team members on the fringe of an A team place A team games.   Three members of the club had refused to play for the County 2nd X1 and were deemed to have let the club down.

20th Feb 1959 It was stated that it had always been the practice of the club to pick the best team available for the 1st Team, and that whilst he is on the selection committee this rule would be adhered to and consequently if players were not playing up to first team standard then they would be relegated to the second team until such time as their hockey improved, the reason for this relegation being explained to them at the time thus hoping their faults may be corrected and first team status regained.

22nd AGM 10th April 1959

14th July 1960 Discussion that the Clubs experience since the formation of the DCHUA had not been good.  If experiences continued to be bad we should withdraw. 7 pm rule introduced.  After 7pm on a Friday the 1st X1 could not take players from the 2nd  X1 but must call on other members or non-members .  Thus the 2nd X1 will know after 7 pm that they remain unaltered.

7th Dec 1960 Still looking at grounds, Digby Hospital and Clyst St George Cricket pitch.  Further consideration of St Thomas Cricket Club Ground.

24th AGM 9th May 1961 Cdr Alan Shepherd of the US Navy the American Astronaut proposed and accepted as Vice President.

Membership at 47 including students. But financial loss on the season  of £9 10sh.

The Club pseudonym “Old Gobblers” now came under fire.  Originally intended for Christmas Fixtures, where it captured something of the seasonal spirit, it was considered unsuitable for the Easter Festival.  A proposition to alter the pseudonym was proposed and carried unaminiously.

Alternative suggestions included The Hounds, The Hunstman, The Astronauts and The Loopholes

4th March 1963 Committee look to improve fixture list by writing to: BRNC,    R.N.E.C ,Yeovil , Millfield School , Weston-Super –Mare,   Moorlands,  R.N Barracks,       Kelly College

17th Sept 1963 2500 selection cards printed at a price of £4 11s 3d

 Discussion on the use of the The Stowey Arms.  Tenancy changing hands and no guarantee that teas will continue as it was in fact uneconomic due to the small amount of beer consumed by members.

29th AGM 23rd May 1966 Only 8 third team matches played.   Members not enthusiastic about Sunday hockey.  Woodwater Lane to be used as second pitch

31st AGM 27th May 1967 Running three teams but disappointment at the club members support for entertaining the opposition at tea

34rd AGM 25 May 1971 Looking for a  second pitch at Countess Wear to replace the one at Woodwater Lane

35th AGM 23rd May 1972 The post of Chairman was proposed and carried unanimously .  G Tolcher elected to that position for the 1972 season

36th AGM 22nd May 1973 Ran four teams during the previous season. The question of the possibility of League Hockey was discussed  and the meeting decided 13-11 to support in principle subject to further details.

37th AGM 28th May 1974 65 members on the books but difficulties at times to raise 4 sides.  New appointment made of Social Secretary and Mike Browning was duly appointed

39th AGM 25th May 1976 Club has applied to join the new league structure to start in the 1977/8 season. Discussion of the use of a hard pitch at Ottery St Mary and the club sharing the cost of building it.

40th AGM 30 May 1977 72 playing members with 40% increase in the last 2 years. 5 playing teams plus one Colts X1 who played 8 won 4 drew 1 lost 3

41st AGM 24th May 1978 1st X1 finished second in Division 2 of the Debenham League promoted to Division 1 and a new proposal of floodlit hockey at Bridgwater

42nd AGM 22nd May 1979 First X1 finish 4th in Division 1 of the Debenham League. Drop regular 4th team because of lack of players.  Looking at grass pitches at London and Manchester and Rockbeare


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